The redeemed has a rich heritage in Christ. As a child of God your breakthrough in life comes as a result of the knowledge of your covenant rights. God is the covenantor and you are the covenantee, the beneficiary of the deal. God’s part is always sure..But before any promise is fulfilled there are certain conditions we must meet to commit God to do His part. Jn 2:5

Marriage was designed to make life complete. Satan is the enemy for everything good and particularly marriage because it’s the easiest way to hinder man’s divinely ordained dominion on earth. How to enter into a convent with God that will guarantee lasting family bliss:
1. Honor your parents: Eph 6:2-3
-For life to be well with you generally you must fulfill your covenant responsibility to your parents. This is the first commandment given to the Pentecostal church of Jesus Christ. Many people are paying tithe and giving offerings, but it is not well with them, because this particular is out place. (Proverbs 20:20-22)
-You may have to consciously and deliberately prove it as in the case of Isaac and Jacob (Gen 27: 3-29). If your parents hurt you, you have no license to retaliate…if both your parents are dead, Honour them by doing on their behalf whatever they could be doing.
2. Tithe and offering
In addition to your covenant obligation to your parents you have a covenant responsibility to God. To advance His kingdom on earth is through your tithes and offering Mal 3:10
3. Securing Your Children’s Destiny
• Parents have the covenant right to stand in the gap for their children.1 Cor 7:14,2 Kings 4:18-37, Ps 112: 1-2
• Activate your faith Mt 15:28. As parents you need to appreciate that the state of your children is largely determined by your own faith.
• Be conscious of angelic covering Mt 18:10
Being conscious that angles are present you will watch out on the words that come out your mouth. Ecc 5:6.
• See the right picture for them
Ask the Lord for Grace to activate your covenant right of family life.

Health is wealth. The state of perfect health is the will of God for all his covenant children.3John2
How to access the health covenant
1. Find the word
-Inside Gods word lies God’s life and inside God’s life lies health you desire, because eternal life is immune to sickness and disease. Pro 4:20-22, Luke 5:17
-The price has been paid for sickness and diseases. Isa 53:4,1Peter 2:24
2. Believe
-Believe the word. Faith is what empowers the found word to deliver. Luke 1:45, Mt 9:29-30
-Faith is a must in the school of divine health. You must believe it before God can perform it.
3. Think Health
-What you have found and believed must change your thinking pattern, because you are essentially what you think. Pro 23:7, every transformation has a root in the mind. Rom12:2
-Too many Christians focus on spiritual warfare, but there is a place for mental warfare where most have lost the battle all their lives
4. Speak The Word
-If you’re not thinking the truth you will not be talking the truth .Mt 12:34b, Pro 18:21
-Stop talking what is happening, start speaking what is written. Mark 11:23. In the school of healing your tongue is a major factor
5. Prayer. This is engaging the knowledge of the will of God for your deliverance. James 5:13, 1 John 5:14
6. The anointing oil. Jam 5:14-15 tap into your healing virtue by getting anointed for your liberty
7. Active service. Ex 23:25-26. Take your service in the kingdom as a business, it is thy Fathers business. See your service as a device that commits God to fulfill His covenant of divine health in your life.
8. Merry heart. Carry a joyful heart. Pro 17:22 ,Pro 18:14 , Neh 8:10
9. The Holy Communion. John 6:48-58

Claim your divine heritage of Healing and Health in Jesus Name.

God recognizes the importance of prosperity, He said in Mt 6:33, Ps 35:27
-God is excited about your prosperity, but it should never become the goal for your living.1 Timothy 6:9
-You cannot make yourself rich, it’s the blessing that makes rich without adding any sorrow to it. Pro 10:22, Pro 23:4-5, Due 8:18
Covenant Access ;
What to be
 Be born again for you to connect with the covenant, you must be redeemed by Christ. Gal 3:13-14
 Be in love with God The wealthiest man in history, walked into that realm of unspeakable wealth, by one factor “and Solomon loved the Lord” 1 Kings 3:3,1Cor 2:9
 Be content 1Tim 6:7. Contentment does not mean settling for status quo, but being satisfied that God cannot mismanage your life.
 Be liberal –finding a need and stretching forth to meet it according to the level of your grace. Pro 11:25,Eph 6:8, Job 29:15
Where to be
There is where you must be for God to bless you with abundance Gen 12:4-4
Stop jumping from place to place, job to job, business to business there is a place called THERE Isaiah 48:17,18,19,21
1) Seek to know where Ps 23:1-3 constantly inquire about everything before making a move.
2) You need meekness Ps 25:9 for God to guide you.
What to do
1) Prove your love by giving Pro 3:9,2Cor 8:8
-When you give you are not giving away, you are giving for your way out of poverty.

2) Remain grateful. Gratitude is an offshoot of contentment, which enables you to be praiseful and praise brings increase. Ps 67:5-7

Ask to Lord to make you a reformer in this Generation through your prosperity.

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